New US Bank Stadium: Protected from the elements

The feeling of watching an open air football game: Vector Foiltec built the roof of the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis with special ETFE cushions..The audience in the stadium can sense every weather condition and the changing of light, however still being covered and safe at the same time. The roof construction is the longest ETFE cushion worldwide: It is 355ft long and covers an area of 3,550ft². Due to its special fabrication it is resistant against rain and snow, which makes the stadium durable in any weather condition.

stadia-vector-foiltecVector Foiltec is an expert in matters of ETFE-cushions, design, logistics and fabrication. The company cooperates closely with the ideas of architects and engineers. The implementation of ETFE enables the steel roof to weigh less than normal constructions, which leads to an ecological advance for the environment, i.e. reduced artificial lighting, while helping to control solar heat gain.

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