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How can sustainability be integrated into PR, Marketing and Sales? Proesler Kommunikation offers a whole package of workshops and presentations on this topic. The main components are all hands-on and can be individually designed to suit your needs. This applies both to content and extent. Whether through a 20-minute presentation or a 2-day event, public or in-house, Martin Prösler develops the topic in a systematic and inspiring way, while remaining thoroughly down-to-earth.

Our services: workshops, speeches, presentations

Workshops and speeches

  • Sustainability in PR, Marketing and Sales I:
    Foundations of sustainability communication; suggestions for the development of your own strategy; specific examples for your work
  • Sustainability in PR, Marketing and Sales II:
    Discussion and detailed reworking of your websites, brochures, etc.
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR):
    what does CSR really mean and how can you use this concept to your company’s advantage?
  • Employer branding:
    how to use corporate social responsibility (CSR) to position your company as a more attractive employer
  • Environmental product declarations (EPDs):
    how EPDs and their content can be used for corporate and product communication
  • Integrating sustainability into business processes:
    orientation workshop for managers and PR officers (only in-house)
  • Creating sustainability reports:
    What do you need to watch out for? You will learn how to structure a sustainability report. During the workshop, you can improve your project outline and further develop your concept.


Martin Prösler has years of experience in the industry and is happy to host your public or in-house events on the topic of sustainability.

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Have your image critically assessed. Proesler Kommunikation analyses your web image, as well as your PR, marketing and sales instruments from the point of view of sustainability communication.

  • Test our services: 20-minute short analysis and advisory service free of charge.
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